I have for free, 3 older computer monitors. The big, heavy ones. I only have a picture of 1, but you can take your picks. Call Jerry at . If no answer, leave a message.
Two for the price of NONE. I have 2 free twin microwaves. I cant remember exactly, but I think my son told me one was bad, but had a good touch panel, and one was good, but NEEDED a touch panel. If you are electrically inclined, this may be the deal for you. Call Jerry at . If no answer, leave a message.
We have, for free, 1 Aeolian Piano and piano bench. It needs a lot of work, but I hate to have to take it to the dump. A lot of the felts have fallen off. We do have most of them, but I dont know if we have ALL of them. It looks small, but it is very heavy. Call Jerry at . Leave a message, if no answer.
I have about 17 old hay bales for FREE these bales are at least three years old, but probably older. I would prefer someone took all or at least most of them. they would be great for filling in an old washout and preventing any more erosion. I can load them but cant haul them. Located outside of Hempstead.
My wife and I are giving away an antique Player Piano to whoever in the local area would like it and has the means to pick it up. Following are the details about the pianoB. SQUIRE SON PLAYER PIANO GOOD CONDITION. Bellows need repair or conversion to electric power. Manufactured in London, around 1929. Included are complete tools for tuning the piano, including tuning wrench, rubber silencers, ...
The remains of a piano, might be useful for an art project or something. Wire is gone. Bench is gone.Come get it before the trash pickup takes it away on Thursday morning
Double sided Adjustable Bookcases in great condition. MUST BE PICKED UP BY SATURDAY Nov. 24. Store Closing. Book cases are in 30 inch sections so length is adjustable.
He is a huge baby and loves people . Dont want him put down so trying to not take him to animal shelter please give me a call if your interested if I dont pick up leave a voicemail.
I have free living room furniture that I need to get rid of. Two chairs with ottomans and a couch. It is leather and needs a good cleaning. But it is free if you come and pick it up. The color is tan. Please text me if you want it.
Old, abandoned white honda. Been sitting in our complex for a while and it seems our property management hasnt done anything about it. Free for partsrepair. Tow it outta here if you can Message back for location details.
I have a 1 year old female black cat that has been fixed and has all her shots. I am moving into a new place that does not allow pets at all. You can have her for free as long as she is going to a good home.
Local tree company is looking for a large cedar tree to make a Christmas rain deer from. Must be at least 2 foot diameter. I will cut the tree for free and haul off the trunk. I could possibley trade some extra tree services for an especially large round tree.
Free hot-tub, the only condition is that you have to have a way to pick it up and haul it. If not gone by Nov. 4th, 2018, it will be put out for the garbage men or anyone else to pick it up.I dont know if anything on it works because Ive never used it. Its possible that most or all of the parts need to be replaced, making it a shell.